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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  November 16, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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captioned by the national captioning institute what the to the journal coming from berlin. >> here's what's coming up on and the show. violence continued. between israel and gaza. could this be just the beginning of? >> and there is a chill in the air. paying a visit to vladimir putin.
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>> there are no signs that it further escalation could be in the offering. >> debating whether to mobilize as many as 75,000 reserves in the army has sealed off three main roads. >> ban ki moon is urging hamas to end the attacks san israel must exudes strength. >> the stakes may be about to get even higher. >> air sirens in tel aviv for a second day. they have fired rockets in the is really commercial sector. hours later, they ran out in jerusalem, the first time the city has not targeted since 1970. they are calling up tens of
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thousand of reservists. the government is now ruling of the possibility of launching a ground offensive. >> we are reacted forcefully against the launch rockets. if necessary, we are prepared to broaden our attack. >> throughout the day, there have been raining down. hamas interior director was one of those hit. the international community wants egypt to use its influence to help broker rate peace deal. on a visit to gaza are, of the egyptian and prime minister announced the is really assaults like to buy the hamas leader. >> post-revolutionary egypt, will make every effort to stop
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these attacks and to ensure the rights of the palestinian people. >> israel says they will halt their attacks only will they stop firing rockets out their people. coming within striking distance of tel aviv and jerusalem, they seem unlikely to opt for restraint. >> with the latest? >> we understand from reports in gaza that there are more airstrikes and there was another step by the military launching in the arms birds of jerusalem. this is about 20 kilometers south of jerusalem. nobody was injured as this exploded and the results of a speech by president of boss in which he appeared to the egyptians to help a low lilly fighting.
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he also tried to speak for all the palestinians. also on the political efforts, they will be meeting tonight to discuss for the developments and talk about the tunisian foreign minister coming in tomorrow. >> there are some signs that this could be moving towards a grant of fats along the israei side. what are you hearing about that? how much public support would there be? >> the oscar de jerusalem and televisa may make it easier -- the outskirts of the jerusalem and tel of leave and make it easier. this is something that nobody in israel wants to see. a ground operation would help the support of the population at a particular leadership and we
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have seen these crisis before us as they stand together. i think the support would have their limits. these could quickly turn to the disadvantage of netanyahu. i also think he needs to think about his relationship to egypt which could be seriously damaged with these kind of operations. preparations are already being called up but options are on the table. >> . for the update from jerusalem. >> and german chancellor angela merkel has weighed in on the violence in gaza during her full support behind israel. >> she called on home loss to end their attacks -- called on hamas to end attacks. she also asked egypt use their influence to stop the violence. >> a strong statement of support
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from germany. there was this on the background to the position and liberal and. >> of britain is maintaining neutrality in order to presumably bring the influence back on both sides denver money has never pretended to be neutral in this conflict. it will not be until they recognize the right of israel to exist and that has historic reasons. berries and german leaders going back to chairman grant and foreign ministers talking to a angela merkel in her speech bill in 2008 and have reiterated the existence of a post-war german state as morally contingent on the continuing existence of the state of israel. germany will always be on israel's side against any group or country that.
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their existence. >> we will be going live to cairo later in the show to check out the egyptian reaction to the crisis ongoing at the moment. meanwhile, angela merkel has been on a visit to moscow where she has been outspoken about human rights in russia. "she has been traveling with a business contingent of her trip has not just been about the euro. the ruble. >> they passed a resolution that underscored fears about the kremlin's commitment. >> vladimir putin as an less than happy to hear the criticism. clutched kendel merkel was expecting a chilly reception and. >> at a joint conference with business leaders, questions from the audience quickly turned to
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what many here see as an increasingly critical tone that germany and europe are taking with russia. >> she was surprisingly candid in her assessment. >> she said, we are concerned and it is my view as well that the kremlin has adopted a series of laws that do not do anything to promote principles such as the right of political groups to organize freely. she highlighted the two-year prison sentence given to members of the rock band pussy riot as a decision europeans could not understand. he said they were not track actively suppress civil society and talked about the growing tensions. he said, we disagree, arguing, and search for compromise but there is no gloomy atmosphere. >> they headed toward lightly
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closed door discussions. for more now, we're joined by marcus from moscow. putin denied a gloomy atmosphere, but the body language resaw in that report did not look for a positive, did it? >> the atmosphere was quite tense, even shelley. they often looked uncomfortable together. he was a prize in the top on vladimir putin criticizing him and he monterey little bit at first and denied all this criticism saying he believes merkel live in germany in general are not close enough to what is going on in russia to criticize home affairs. >> picking up on that, as you say, merkel did seem surprisingly tough but bush really have any influence in russia? >> there are many differences concerning human rights and democracy in russia, but her
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influence seems to be a little here. the more germany is trying to boost and keep up good relationships concerning the economy and trade, and germany as russia's a second largest trading partner in the world. even on this day in moscow, several contracts have been signed worth several billion euro. despite all the differences, germany and russia are trying to keep good relations here. >> thank you for that update from marco. >> a war crimes court has overturned the conviction of two high-profile croatia and general sentenced for atrocities against serbians. >> there has been a furious outrage. >> and now a free man. the appeals chamber found the
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former croatian troops general was not personally not responsible for crimes committed at the end of the croatian war. they expressed satisfaction a. >> it is a fantastic day for criminal-justice and a fantastic day for the history. the appeal judgment shows the original conviction was completely wrong. cut stems from a 1995 incident with -- where the ethnic serbs were located. the croatian army bomb cities as part of an offensive to take the region back. many civilians died, tens of millions fled. in december 2005 investigators arrested them. the croatians saw him as a national hero, a liberator. they waited in downtown as a
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grab to await the verdict. -- downtown zagreb. >> we now know are croatia and general is innocent. in the same way, or the croatians people. >> and many are astounded. for them, the court has lost all of its credibility. >> it's unbelievable. it's terrible that they're being released after the things they have did. it's insane. >> or horror among the serbs, happiness among the croatians. >> the party has just made history by balancing their grass roots numbers to pick the candidate for chancellor. they will make their big debut
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tomorrow. >> the choice has raised some eyebrows. he could open up the prospect of a coalition with the conservative christian democrats. >> a far cry from the radical routes. they insist on is not their plan. the green party campaign slogan emphasizes sticking together, both of the party and in society as a whole. confusion may be a buzzword but it is uniting a monday green party. they're struggling to decide what kind of alliance they should seek. should they laid a leftward the social democrats or move to the right aiming for the first-ever coalition. >> we want to attract the votes of the christian voters. we do not lead the party.
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we will look government the social democrats. >> a growing number of members could live with a coalition with a conservative chancellor. the co-leader will try to achieve party cohesion. she is running again for the party chairmanship. >> coming up after the break, taking a look of the more affordable side of the international art market. >> not everyone can afford the multimillion-dollar price tags on a picasso or a dali. their bogus and artwork that will not break the bank including well-known names. paintings by lindenberg are also featured. >> i cannot wait to see some of his paintings. we will be going live to cairo
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to speak with our correspondent there about the crisis in gaza. stay with us. >> a brilliant musical innovator. influential dramatist. 200 years of richard wagner.
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2013 is the famous composers bicentenary. wagoner 200. we accompanied is a major cultural but throughout the year. english wagner 200. >> welcome back. thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets to denounce the israel's offensive of the gaza strip. >> they were chanting they would go to gaza in the millions and they have a similar protests by the muslim brotherhood all over the country. >> morsi says he will not leave god on their own. for more now, let's go to on the line from cairo. the message of solidarity from morsi is a strong one. his muslim brotherhood does have ties to hamas, but he is under
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international pressure to try and establish a truce. >> he is under immense pressure by public opinion in egypt. this is also the reason why is prime minister went to gaza today, also with a similar message. basically, we cannot be silent in this tragedy. we have to stop what they're calling the israeli aggression. of the same time, he offered a truce. you can see that there's a difference between four years ago and now the arab states are really interfering. they're finding themselves in the gaza strip and we have a meeting tomorrow about the same topic. the message is clear they're trying to pressure of rule out
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euro and say this time you cannot just look the other direction. this is done about your relationship with hamas and the gaza but your relationship in the new arab world. >> coming down firmly on the side of the palestinians there. what about relations with israel? the peace treaty is seen as a linchpin. you think it could come under threat? >> of the the look like it. this is something that the new government will not touch. they said in the beginning that they would not touch any international treaty signed by egypt. they remove the ambassador from intel of eve. they would be trying to create some kind of international pressure with other arab states in order to get things moving. >> thank you for that report from cairo.
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staying in the region, thousands of people have called for kingdom dollar to be removed from power in georgia. -- king abdullah. their call for them to flood the streets this sunday. the western-backed monarchies has been avoiding beethe arab spring put, criticism has increased in the region and not dazed. >> problems in the euro are starting to have an impact on german companies. >> 44,000 german workers have had their hours cut in november, numbers not seen in nearly two years. them are ready phased in short time is working and the they have subsidize salaries rather than firing them. other companies are following suit. german companies have come out with the third quarter earnings
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reports. the news has been mixed and investors are not necessarily pleased. conrad sun does this report from the preferred stock exchange. >> this is the last large company to come out with their third quarter earnings report a and despite the fact that this earning eport looked great, investors have been selling shares in large amounts. they believe they're planning a huge takeovers which means they currently plan to spend a lot of money instead of giving this money to the shareholders in the form of a dividend. all in all, this turning season was a disappointment. they're talking a lot about cost cutting and have very little to say about how they want to make a profit again and with their core businesses. >> let's take a quick but at some of the numbers. down 0.3% and down almost 1.5%
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down to 2437. the dow jones is currently up just a tad and the euro is trading a $1.27 20. it is the biggest criminal fine in history. bp has agreed to pay $4.50 billion for their role in the 2010 gulf of mexico oil spill. >> there have been many cases against bp and their employees in what has been the worst offshore oil spill ever in the u.s. some business owners and residents are still feeling the impact from the disaster. >> these images were broadcast around the world, a seemingly unending oil spill off the gulf coast in america. >> light 35%-40% less business. "they have accused bp of acting with negligence which is why the
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u.s. departments of justice have made it clear more trials may follow. >> today's resolution does not -- it does not -- marked the end of our efforts. the criminal investigation remains on going. >> on top of criminal cases, but civil lawsuits and other claims. under the clean water act, bp could be fined up to 16 billion euro which would harm their finances even further. bp stock prices never fully recovered after the disaster. today, shares are about one- third less than their value before this bill. >> is bp remained at these levels, it becomes a takeover target or a breakup story. either the stock will move up organic we are it will be taken out by a company that is competitive. >> the next big risk is not as losing money but it could determine the very future of bp.
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>> another company in the firing line is a blow for the image of one of the world's largest furniture brands, the swedish giant ikea. political prisoners in communist east germany were forced to make some other products back in the 1980's. >> and many were outsourcing to be germany attracted by the cheap labor rates. they say they regret their past decisions and they're trying to right the wrongs. >> this former east german prison is one where they were forced to perform labor on behalf of western companies. swedish furniture retailer ikea has publicly benefited from forced labor. they call it an embarrassing and regrettable lapses in judgment. >> on behalf of the company worldwide and particularly germany, i offer my deepest
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regrets and apologies to the victims and those representing them here today. >> lot of those victims describe the conditions under which they were forced to work. >> the production quotas were much higher. anyone who did not meet them more often and forced to add in an extra shift. many as woodwork the whole week, 15-16 hours per day. >> they interviewed hundreds of former prisoners and they say the study is neither objective nor historical accurate. >> we are just getting started. we need a scientific investigation and serious discussion. >> ikea and others tend to finance other studies and to how they knowingly exploited forced labor in east germany. >> if you love art but you are on a budget, we have something for you. >> it is the affordable art fair
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and it is coming to hamburg this weekend. it started back in 1996 by a british art dealer and it has enjoyed a worldwide success giving art lovers a chance to buy original art work without the multimillion-dollar price tags. 5000 euro is the absolute maximum in hamburg which is still quite a bit. many cost a lot less. >> are any of them any good? let's take a peek. >> at this art fair, 100 euro accounts that you something nice. like these tiny suitcases. or this artistic candy. this is not your typical art fair. prizes are meant to be affordable. dogs are allowed. those with little knowledge of war are welcome with open arms.
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>> it's impressive to see how different everything is. i want every. . >> we want to put something there. >> this is the perfect place to fill in your bare walls. the philosophy -- guard should be pleasing. works by dead artists are nowhere to be found. but there are some famous ones. his works go for 1200 euro. even they are affordable. >> on the one hand, we have artists with many copies of the same work or smaller format versions. are we have emerging markets -- artists who are that much more affordable. >> galleries from all over the world are here with their works including this gallery from australia.
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one gallery owner said he sold the team yesterday and he is in great shape. pack it up and take it with you. this art bare will not break your bank account. -- this art fair will not break you. >> i like the that rabid in the black sheep. >> i wonder if the dogs start trying to run after them since dogs are allowed. >> lots to choose from so check it out in hamburg. stay with us here for more news in 30 minutes. >> we will see you soon.
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